Courses Offered



1 .Professional Sales for non Salespeople / non-marketers

2. Product knowledge dynamics.

3. Sales prospecting and qualification.

4. Sales planning, presentation, demonstration, and other sales skills.

5. Niche sales ( Foci on selling to Churches and selling to Chinese)

6. Large, enterprise, and affluent sales.

7.  Objection prevention, handling, and closing of sales.

8. Selling in difficult times.

9. Dynamics of non-sales selling for career success.

10. Selling your business (Fundraising, equity or debt sourcing, outright sales)  

11. Communication management (Internal & external communication, issue &  crisis management)

12. Integrated marketing communications (Branding, advertising, PR activities)

13. PR writings (Media releases, monitoring  & evaluation) and Digital PR (Social media &        web communication)

14. Digital Marketing for start-ups

15. Digital Marketing for MSMEs

16. Certificate in customer relationship management

17. Certificate in public relation

18. Certificate in management.


.         Strategic Human Resource Management in precarious times

2.         Organisation re-design SHRM’s role in reshaping the future workplace

3.         Supporting Mental Health of Employees in precarious times

4.         The impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Strategic Human Resource function

5.         Building Agility and Strategic Edge Through people 2040

6. Developing “change-ready change-capable” organization

7.         Addressing today’s labor market challenges – Post-COVID workforce planning lessons for HR

8.         Human resource management.


1. Building an agile organization: – Lessons from collapsed Financial Institutions

2. Building a resilient organization – Workforce planning practices and support of business agility

3. Change capability in the agile organization

4.         Supporting line managers to foster employee commitment

5.         Managing across generations. The leadership challenge – Intergenerational workplaces.

6.         Embracing diversity and inclusion/Employee engagement and the generations

7.         Unlocking employee productivity: the role of employee health and wellbeing

8.         Effective performance management

9.         Organisational culture and leadership

10.       Valuing and managing diversity in extraordinary times

11.       Office management and Supervisory skills

12.       Certificate in Administration and management

11.       Effective Leadership in Management

12.        Certificate Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.


  1. Effective  management in leadership
  2. Finance and account for non-finance managers
  3. Accounting  for Non – Accountants
  4.  How to Become an Effective Personal Assistant
  5. Procurement Management
  6. Financial Modeling using Microsoft Excel
  7. Warehouse and Inventory Management


  1. Certificate in forensic psychology and corporate security
  2. Certificate in petroleum, oil, and gas management
  3. Certificate in food and safety management
  4. Learning Management Systems
  5. Certificate in occupational health and safety
  6. Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  7. Certificate in Higher Education Management
  8. Certificate in NGO Management.
  9. Certificate in Agricultural Entrepreneurship for start Ups
  10. Certificate in Agricultural Financial Management
  11. Certificate in Farm management
  12. Information Technology Skills for Secretaries and  Personal Assistants 
  13. Advance Microsoft Excel.
  14. Logistics and Transport Management.


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