About Us


We started as a team of sales managers and trainers building the human resource capacity of entry-level salesforce for MSMEs since 2005. Having proofed our training and churned out successful salesmen and women, coupled with the need to bridge the gap between academia and the marketplace as well as industry, Makola Business School was established.

Our trainers, resource persons, and facilitators are drawn from the leading universities in Ghana and other institutions. The key benefit to derive from them is their extensive practical industry experience in their various fields of specialization. Some of our resource persons have trained and consulted for institutions like Ghana Stock Exchange, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ghana Navy, Accra Brewery Ltd, Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Ghana Ports and Habour Authority (GHAPOHA), Ghana Institute of Engineers (GhIE), Petroleum Commission, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Finance Ghana Economic Policy and Research Institute (GEPARI), Nobel International Business School, Graphic Communication Group Ltd Makola Business School was incorporated on the 9th of January 2019 as a limit liability company. We currently focus on professional sales, sales training at all levels, MSME training, consultancy, new product launch, sales consultancy, and management.


We exist to build the skills and competence of owners and workers of MSMEs by translating knowledge into practical result-oriented applications with tangible benefits.


To train a hundred thousand individuals especially young people in professional sales by 2045; to improve the world-class performance or profitability of more than five thousand MSMEs by 2045.


Mutual respect, bridging language and academic barriers, mutual benefit, client fulfillment, and spirit of collaboration.


The four eyes, the fern, and the good fortune symbol represent wisdom, endurance, and purity/fortune respectively. Directly related to our slogan: Proactive wisdom profits.

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